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  • Researchers at Newcastle University have been able to accurately predict how children whose cancer returns after treatment for leukemia are likely to respond to further treatment. The findings, from the largest study of its kind, will allow doctors to analyse the genetic profile of cancer cells to personalize treatment and improve survival rates.
  • Cancer treatment has improved significantly, leading to many more survivors of childhood cancer, but researchers say better monitoring of survivors is needed because of long-term damage from the treatment. Researchers at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles found survivors self-reported significant complications later in life, from subsequent cancer to pulmonary and cardiovascular events, as a result of damage to lung tissue during treatment during childhood.
  • Despite improved therapies, patients with sickle cell disease often face recurring pain, organ damage and early death. The only cure is a bone marrow transplant, which has its own risks. What if there were another option that involved just a few snips of the DNA to give patients lifelong relief? An international team of scientists has used a technique called CRISPR gene editing to help fix the effects of sickle cell disease. The approach has yet to be tested in patients, but it may be getting closer to the clinic.

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