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  • A team of researchers led by a University of Rhode Island scientist has discovered an important molecular link between a rare childhood genetic disease, Fanconi anemia, and a major cancer gene called PTEN. The discovery improves the understanding of the molecular basis of Fanconi anemia and could lead to improved treatment outcomes for some cancer patients.
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  • Aplastic Anemia: Fill 'Er Up! But With What?
    Karyn Brundige, MSN CPNP ARNP
    Date: Dec. 15, 2016 | Time: 1 p.m. Central Time
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    Description: Acquired aplastic anemia is a rare but potentially fatal bone marrow failure syndrome. Transplant with a matched sibling donor is the treatment of choice for severe aplastic anemia. But what should be offered to the majority of children and young adults who do not have this option? Is immunosuppressive therapy with ATG and cyclosporine safer and more effective than high dose cyclophosphamide? When should transplant with an alternative stem cell source be considered? And what new agents are being studied in children with newly diagnosed and refractory disease? Through several case studies we'll review best practice guidelines for managing children and adolescents with aplastic anemia including treatment selection, supportive care guidelines, and monitoring for complications of both the disease and therapies.

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